Egg Donors in Fort Collins, CO

Egg Donors

Many fertility programs have difficulty finding enough suitable egg donors. It is often necessary to turn to donor agencies to find such donors. At the Rocky Mountain Center for Reproductive Medicine Colorado donor egg program, we typically have a good number of egg donor candidates.

Egg donors are carefully screened by extensive medical histories, laboratory evaluation, and physical examination for the appropriateness and safety as a donor.

We prefer to have egg donors who are below 30 years of age, who do not smoke, and it is ideal if they have a personal history of conception. Recipients need to be less than 50 years old, and ideally have a normal uterus.

Once an egg donor is selected, typical success rates for IVF using eggs donors are extremely high. It is not uncommon for success rates to be well in excess of 50 % nationally, and in our experience it is not uncommon to see success rates in the 80 % range.

The most common donor is “anonymous.” This anonymity exists for both the recipient as well as the donor. This provides an important “buffer” allowing both the donor and the recipient to maintain their private identity from one another.

Information on an anonymous donor available to the recipient will include demographics such as height, weight, hair and eye color, and complexion. Childhood pictures of the donors are often available but in no case will the donor’s identity be revealed.

Donors can also be “directed.” Directed donors are known to the recipient and typically a family member or close friend. They are screened for safety and success potential the same as would occur with an anonymous donor.

Advantages and disadvantages exist for each classification of donor and warrant a more thorough discussion.

The decision to pursue egg donation is often a difficult and very personal decision. It is also quite a complex one necessitating considerable consultation. Dr Bachus will be certain that you receive adequate time and information so that you feel comfortable with the entire process. Apply to become an egg donor.