Infertility Treatment in Fort Collins, CO


Financial- Insurance

Insurance coverage for infertility varies greatly from carrier to carrier and even plan to plan. Generally speaking, many insurance companies do not have infertility coverage. Those that do may have coverage for fertility testing, some may cover treatment, and some may cover both.

It is to your advantage to inquire of your carrier whether they cover testing, treatment, both, or neither, and if there are any exceptions or exclusions. You should also establish a point of contact with an insurance representative which may enhance follow-up.

Remember, as with general medical health concerns, your insurance may have deductibles and out of pocket maximums to consider. Also, it is always best to get the answers to these questions in writing. These can most easily be obtained by checking the policy book mailed to you or in your employers human resources department. Some insurance carriers have this information online. When checking the sections in the policy you should check in the OB/GYN section and in the exclusions section.


At your first visit we will likely discuss many diagnostic tests or procedures to begin planning your treatment/care at RMCRM. Knowing specifically what your insurance will cover can greatly facilitate a smooth and efficient course of discussion at your appointment.

Please remember that ultimately it is your responsibility to understand your insurance policy.