Dr. Bachus, infertility specialist, uses the traditional approach, but is able to do it in a way that still allows for the surgery to be done as an outpatient in nearly all cases.

As mentioned previously, in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be utilized to bypass the obstructed fallopian tubes and create embryos outside of the body in the laboratory. These embryos can later be transferred by a simple technique into the uterus for implantation.

For pregnancy rates to equal that of a tubal reversal, most times a transfer of more that one embryo will be necessary and can result in a twin pregnancy. Some couples will require IVF over surgical reversal due to factors such as a particularly damaging technique that was used for the tubal ligation or other factors such as a poor semen analysis in the male partner.

It is a personal choice which technique will be best for each couple. For some, the technique of choice may be biased by the clinic as they will only be experienced at one or the other technique.

At the Rocky Mountain Center for Reproductive Medicine, Dr Bachus is very experienced in both techniques. This allows the ultimate choice to be made by the couple.