IVF Success Rates

IVF success rates have improved dramatically over the last several years, especially with the advent of donor egg for women with ovarian failure. When IVF was in its infancy success rates were less the 20% per cycle whereas today, in many couples, rates approach 50% per cycle.

It is not possible to accurately compare success rates between different clinics. Many programs carefully screen for patients with the highest likelihood of success or they may treat a disproportionate number of young patients.

The Clomid Challenge Test is used to predict the likelihood of IVF success and many programs will not treat patients who fail this test.

Dr. Bachus’s main objective is to help couples build the families they so badly want. He does not deny IVF to patients even if they don’t fit the “ideal IVF candidate” profile. He clearly explains the chances for success and allows the couple to make the treatment decision. In some cases, this may lower the overall success rates but babies are the desired outcome not statistics.

Reputable clinics report their success rates data to the CDC but unfortunately the only data available is 2010.

The Rocky Mountain Center for Reproductive Medicine is committed to offering all couples highly personal, individual treatment, in a caring environment. We have found that this attitude helps couples achieve the pregnancy they desire with minimal stress.

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