Fertility Support Groups

Patients seeking care for reproductive and fertility matters often encounter the added stress of lack of support of family and friends – and not for any reason other than this is a topic not regularly discussed in social circles. Some of our favorite times with our patients is getting a glimpse into their life, how we can best support, and where we can provide a listening ear. But our time together is usually limited to short visits with days/weeks in between.

3 Hopeful Hearts is an organization here in Fort Collins with support groups to offer a safe space to connect, be heard, be seen, and understood by others experiencing similar stresses/situations. It can be a great way to connect individually or as a couple with others who can relate best to your feelings in the moment. See the linked flyer below for details of groups available free of charge and open to newcomers. Additional resources from 3 Hopeful Hearts can found at their office, the Center for Hope, as well as some great online resources at www.3hopefulhearts.com.

Support Group Information